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The Red River Valley Veterans Memorial Museum Ring of Honor names have all been researched for accuracy. The Ring of Honor soldiers gave their life as a direct result of war while protecting the freedom that we enjoy today. All these soldiers were from Red River, Delta, Fannin & Lamar in Texas or Choctaw in Oklahoma. These researchers spend many hours verifying these names. Below is the list of research volunteers.

Gene Simmons & Sylvia Tongson are Red River Valley Veterans Memorial Ring of Honor Committee Members.

“Time is a precious gift from God.”


We all make a choice daily on how to use our time. This is, at present, only a partial listing of people who have given their time and talents on behalf of this project. The names are not listed in any particular order of importance, but only in a desire to recognize their willingness to share in our project. This list is not yet completed and other names will be continually added during this project:


Lamar County Texas Genealogy—Ron Brothers and Betsy Mills, and the many contributors of the death index database of Lamar County.


Betsy Mills for her constant desire to travel with me to where ever the records can be found.  And her generous spirit of sharing her wisdom in all areas of research.


Fannin County Genealogy Society website at and its many contributors, currently maintained by Suzie Henderson.


Red River County Genealogical Society, and its many contributors, and especially Larry and Sue Dale for their many data bases of Red River County resources; and also, Johnie Lee for all his helpful insights and direction.


Choctaw County Genealogical Society and the Choctaw County, Oklahoma GenWeb Project , who along with April Mackerney, Ron Henson, and Norm Pense, and many other volunteers, have spent a great deal of time photographing military headstones and developing the  Choctaw County Veterans Tribute Gallery.


Martha Evans spent many hours researching and identifying soldiers from the Red River County area.  Her contributions have been invaluable.


Mary Hall Ferguson spent many years photographing headstones in Lamar County.  Her work is appreciated and can be viewed on her website:


Bridgett Domengeaux and her son, Will, have had an ongoing project to photograph and post pictures of headstones. Their many photographs have helped to identify the final resting place of many of the soldiers in this project.


Don McCaskill walked the entire cemeteries of Evergreen and Meadowbrook in search of military headstones.  After photographing them, they were then posted to the Findagrave website by Bridget Domengeaux and her son, Will.


Suzie Henderson spent many hours scanning the photographs of WWI soldiers who served with the Three Hundredth and Fifty-Ninth Infantry Brigade, this file contains the pictures of many men from this area who died while serving our country.  A copy of this is now at the Fannin County, Texas website.


Martha Sue Stroud author of, “For Love of Country-The Price of Freedom”, stories of war veterans from Red River County and Northeastern counties of Texas, a useful guide for information on the servicemen of Red River County.


Des Philippet--A Dutch citizen living in Belgium near the Dutch Border.  His hobby is World War II and US Military Cemeteries all over the world.  He has taken many pictures for our project.


Geoffrey Gillion—Lives in England and has a passion for seeking out tombstones and recording them.  He has found and photographed many headstone of our soldiers buried in England.


Michael Beach—Is searching for Oklahoma soldiers who are buried in the 22 American Cemeteries overseas.  He has traveled to many of these cemeteries and has generously shared the photographs of the Oklahoma soldiers that are a part of our project.


Micheal V. Drackman—Has photographed and shared the headstone of soldiers buried in Lorraine, France.  He hopes that by photographing these headstones that we can keep alive the memory of our soldiers who died for our liberty.


Jodi Sweere—Enjoys history and family genealogy.  She has given permission to use the headstone pictures she has taken in the Clarksville, Texas area.


Jeff Hall—Completed, in 2013, a five year project to photograph all of the headstones of all of the WW2 dead buried in the National Cemetery in Honolulu.  He has shared his work with us.


David Sifford—Mostly researches cemeteries in the Lubbock area, and has shared his findings with us.


Tony and Patricia Held—Tony retired from the military, and he and his wife have researched cemeteries in the Sherman area.  They have shared their work with us.


Kathy Margrave—A U.S. Army Nurse Corp. and Gulf War Veteran herself and has shared her photographs.


Findagrave Volunteers all across the world have generously answered our requests to seek out and photograph the headstones marking the final resting places of our war dead, both in the American Cemeteries overseas, and also in this country.  Their help is very much appreciated.

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