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What is “Friends of RRVVM”?

 Friends of RRVVM is a fund started by Clint McMillan to help veterans or families of Veterans get a paver for the Memorial if they cannot afford one.


Why did Clint start “Friends of RRVVM”?

 Clint is a salesman at Everett Toyota of Paris with a heart for the community and for Veterans.  Clint’s father is a Vietnam Veteran.  In October 2012, Clint presented the Red River Valley Veterans Memorial with $2,150.00 raised during the ZombieWalk at the annual Festival of Pumpkins.  Those funds purchased six granite pavers for veterans at the Memorial. Since that time, Clint started the “Friends of RRVVM” fund to continue providing pavers for those who need help honoring their Veteran.  Clint regularly asks Facebook friends to contribute.  To date, The “Friends of RRVVM” has raised $2,940.96 and provided pavers for nine veterans.  


How can I donate to the Friends of RRVVM fund?

 Simply fill out the form below.  You will receive an email confirmation of your donation including a tax-deductible receipt.


What if I want to nominate someone to receive a paver?

 The donation page below will allow you to enter a Veteran’s name to be added to our list.  Pavers are engraved for deserving Veterans for those whom cannot afford and as funds become available.   


Thank you for supporting the Red River Valley Veterans Memorial

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