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The Ring of Honor is the Centerpiece of the Memorial and honors all US service members from the 5 county area (Lamar, Delta, Fannin, Red River in Texas and Choctaw in Oklahoma) that were killed in action. We have 2 board members that are researchers that confirm all criteria has been met for each KIA. They also have a vast network that assist in the research and in some cases provide photo’s and background. Below you will find the names of 484 service member from the Red River Valley that gave their all. You will see several names that are highlighted in blue text and these can be clicked to show more information about that service member that gave all so that we may live in a free country. Let’s not forget about the Gold Star Families that also suffered as a result of each and every service member that were killed while protecting our country.

Click on the search to find someone. Then type name in search box

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The Location shows where the name is on the wall. T= Top Panel,M = Middle Panel, B = Bottom Panel. Example below Row 8 Vade Allen has a location of RB-16-4. That location is the WWII, Right Wall, Bottom Panel, 16th Row Down and the 4th Name from left to right. 

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